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  Article  1-2987  
AuthorHazra, Rajendra Chandra 
TitleThe problems relating to the Śiva-Purāṇa 
PublishedIn: Our Heritage 1,1, January-June 1953, p. 46-68. -- Reprint in: [Hazra, Rajendra Chandra]: Dr. R. C. Hazra commemoration volume ... Part I. ... 1985. -- p. 246-281 
DescriptionCompares and lists the saṃhitās included in the VaVā ed. and the VePr ed. of ŚiP. Discusses the relationship of VāP and ŚiP and concludes that the VāP is to be considered a mahāpurāṇa, the ŚiP an upapurāṇa. Examines the saṃhitās of the VaVā ed. separately; JñānaSa is dated later than 950 A.D. The VidyeśvaraSa is said to have been written by a different author from the JñānaSa and is dated after 950 A.D. The KailāsaSa is said to originate from Southern India and takes a firm stand on Advaita philosophy; it, too, is dated later than 950 A.D., possibly later than the 11th century. The SanatkumāraSa, stemming from Bengal, is regarded as the oldest saṃhitā (8th cent.). The VāyavīyaSa is a work of Āgamic Śaivas (ca. 800-1000 A.D.). The DharmaSa again differs in style and is dated later than 900 A.D. RudraSa, ŚatarudraSa, KoṭirudraSa and UmāSa occur only in ed. VePr, all being later than 14th cent. The Bengali manuscripts-tradition, moreover, knows of a ŚiP in two parts, the Uttarakhaṇḍa being a work from Bengal (12th cent.). (PS) 
KeywordsŚivaism in Śivapurāṇa
advaita philosophy in Śivapurāṇa
Mahāpurāṇas and Upapurāṇas
date of Śivapurāṇa
saṃhitās of Śivapurāṇa
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