General Information on Searching

You have got several options to conduct search queries:

People Search (Authors, Publishers)

To search the bibliography for individual authors or publishers, you can enter fornames and/or surnames (or even parts of names) in the search field on the upper left.

Search for Keywords

When selecting the option "Keywords" in the search interface, you can search the bibiliography for certain subject terms.

Search for Quoted Passages

When selecting the option "Quoted Passages" in the search interface, you can enter a reference to a passage from primary literature (e.g.: Bhg 2,42) search the bibliography for publications that quote / discuss this passage. For the appropriate abbreviations see the List of all texts cited in the biography.

Advanced Search

In the advanced search mode you can combine several search conditions, i.e. you can e.g. limit your search to publications that were written by Author Wendy Doniger AND deal with bhakti AND were published in 1993.

Complex Search

In the complex search mode you have got even more search options and you can logically combine several search conditions by using the following relational operators:

name Description
"equals" The value of the search field has to be completely identical to the input string
"does not equal" The value of the search field is not allowed to equal the input string
"contains" The input string has to be contained in the value of the search field
"does not contain" The input string is not contained in the value of the search field

You can combine these search conditions with AND (restricting) and OR (expanding)

Special Characters

Special characters like umlauts or diacritics have to be entered in TUSTEP-encoding:

In case you need more diacritics than these described above, see our complete encoding reference.

Note: If you are using Microsoft Internet Explorer on an older Windows platform (Win 2000 and lower), some characters may not be displayed correctly. In this case we reccomend switching over to the Open Source browser Mozilla Firefox.